Managing Your Vendor Network Has Never Been Easier

Reduce Risk. Eliminate Paperwork.


Bring new suppliers into your system effortlessly.

Today, RMIS has the skills and experience needed to work with you and your vendor network. Through our services, you can seamlessly grow your vendor network; we will handle any necessary vendor credentialing including:

  • Audits
  • Background checks
  • Inspections

Let us help you determine which companies will be best for your organization to partner with and do business with. Make sure that all of your vendors and partners are reliable and trustworthy and will ultimately be an asset and a benefit to your company in the long run. Let RMIS handle any potential hassle of vendor credentialing and networking through our unique and specialized vendor onboarding services.

Once we have helped find the right vendors for you to partner with, we provide vendor monitoring services. Through our custom onboarding, we provide you with personalized websites, registration, and rules for your vendors to comply with.

If you feel like you need more assistance at any time during the vendor network process, feel free to utilize our live support option. Our team comprises licensed insurance professionals with the experience and knowledge to give you, or your vendors, expert advice when they call.

How Onboarding Management Works

When you decide to partner with another business, vendor, or supplier, you need to make sure that they're trustworthy. At RMIS, we offer the following supplier and vendor onboarding services to protect your business:

Custom Onboarding

We create custom registration websites for our clients, which means that you can include your business's unique rules and specifications for proper vendor credentialing.

Fraud Prevention

In order to protect your business from being taken advantage of, we have an automated alert system for problems such as status changes, TIN verification, and HAZMAT violations.

Multiple Cost Models

We offer a variety of vendor and client pay models so that you can pick the option that works best for you.

Paperwork Elimination

We provide online registration and storage of electronic vendor agreements and other compliance documents so you don't have paperwork cluttering up your space.

Live Support

Our support team is made of licensed insurance professionals, so you know you're getting expert advice every time you or a member of your vendor network calls in with a question.

Tenant Monitoring

We offer tenant monitoring services such as lease analysis, custom rules, and certificate management. With these security measures in place, you can be assured that your business arrangements are airtight and that your company will be protected.

Working With RMIS

RMIS originally started as an insurance compliance business. Since then, we have expanded our services to include vendor credentialing, transportation monitoring and onboarding. We have the resources and tools to work with our partners across the country.

If you are interested in growing your vendor network and utilizing our vendor credentialing, onboarding, and monitoring services, call our team of experts at 800-400-4924. You can also email us at

We treat your suppliers the way we treat you.


Reduce risk and increase efficiency across your vendor network with professional compliance management.

Certificate Management

Direct contact with insurance producers to obtain Certificates of Insurance, including endorsements, that meet your compliance requirements.

Customized Rules

Custom compliance criteria allow for complete monitoring of your rule set, including property and owner specific insurance requirements.

Renewal Tracking

Renewal certificates are requested prior to policy expirations.


In-house auditing of each certificate to verify that all requirements are met.

Industry Expertise

Our team works with over 52,000 insurance producers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Dedicated Support

Our team responds to client, supplier, and insurance agent questions.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time access to policy cancellations and reinstatements.

Revision Requests

Immediate revision requests are generated when a Certificate of Insurance does not meet your requirements.

Insurance Expertise

Licensed insurance professionals on staff.


We also offer Tenant Monitoring with Certificate Management, Custom Rules, and Lease Analysis to allow for complete monitoring of all compliance criteria with your unique requirements.



Growing database of approved vendors.


Discover new vendors.


Search by location and service type.


The fee typically starts at $99.95 per vendor per year but may increase depending on the information being monitored as well as the complexity of the insurance requirements.
Usually within an hour. Certification is a relatively fast process assuming the vendor has proper insurance in place to meet your requirements at the time of registration and their insurance agent responds promptly to our requests.
Using your letterhead and logoed envelopes, RMIS will send invitation letters to your current vendors at account startup.
In the event that a vendor does not have Internet access, our live customer support is available to assist during normal business hours.
No. The fee is collected once annually, regardless of how many properties are being serviced.
Non-compliant notices are sent via email. We also have a compliance team of customer service representatives who contact insurance agents and vendors to assist in resolving non-compliant issues.
Yes. A separate registration is required for each client due to the unique nature of each client’s requirements.
Yes. All certificates of insurance, endorsements, W9's, agreements and other required documents are archived and accessible indefinitely.
Yes, Spanish speaking customer service representatives are available to assist during normal business hours.


RMIS provides a full set of integration options, including a suite of API’s enabling client in-house management software to interact directly with RMIS.

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