Technology is at the heart of compliance. To carry out the details of compliance you must have the expertise and reliability to execute well. RMIS brings enterprise grade technology in the form of superior software development practices, agile project management methodologies, expertise in data and process integration, reliable systems and networks, as well as deep industry knowledge.


All development is performed in-house. You never have to worry about outside contractors or offshore developers gaining access or knowledge of your business, data or process.


The RMIS development team understands compliance. And insurance. And transportation. And property management. We understand our business and your business.


Agile software and project methodologies mean that changes and updates can be made quickly and safely to your hosted solution within hours. There is never a wait until the "next version" is introduced.


Fully hosted solutions mean that RMIS can deploy your application without a single call to your internal IT staff.


The RMIS application runs in a highly reliable, redundant and fault tolerant infrastructure. Your data is safe, and your application will be running when you need it.


RMIS has built in integrations with many existing software providers. In many instances the RMIS application can be integrated with your software in minutes with a single phone call.


Since the RMIS technology team is in-house, your company has direct access to the professionals that write and maintain the software you use each day. No barriers, just the help you need, and the updates when you need them.


RMIS offers a full suite of easy to use API's to integrate into your proprietary software. Existing API's include: compliance status, onboarding, attach/detach, document retrieval, and many more.


The RMIS platform was written to be customized. RMIS customizes each and every customer application to their unique requirements. And it doesn't stop there, RMIS continues to tailor your application as your business changes and grows.


RMIS has existing integrations with many popular software provides as well as a suite of API's (Application Programming Interfaces) so that internal and proprietary systems can interact with the RMIS systems directly.